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Private Joint-Stock Company "Ukrainsky Grafit" is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of graphite electrodes for electric steel furnaces, submerged-arc furnaces and other types of electric furnaces, commodity carbon pastes for Soderberg electrodes, carbon-based lining materials for metallurgical, machine-building, chemical industries and others.
PrJSC «Ukrgrafit» is a modern enterprise with complete manufacturing cycle, high level of technology, mechanization and automation of processes. Many years' experience and high professionalism of the personnel allows us to manufacture high-quality products, constantly improving manufacturing processes and expanding a range of fabricated products meeting the customers' requirements.
The priorities of PrJSC«Ukrgrafit» are as follows: ensuring guaranteed quality level of products, constant improvement of technology and processes, development  of the enterprise taking into account the interests of consumers, shareholders, the state and the society as a whole. Since 1998 the enterprise has developed,  implemented and certificated:
- the system of quality management for compliance with the ISO 9001 international standard;
- the environmental management system for compliance with the requirements of the ISO 14001 international standard;
- the system of industrial safety and health for compliance with the requirements of the OHSAS 18001 international standard;
- the system of energy management  for conformity with ISO 50001 international standard.
The stability of the position of PrJSC"Ukrgrafit" in the market is determined by the policy of the enterprise aimed at manufacturing quality products corresponding to individual requirements of particular consumers. Meeting consumers' requirements is a basic and integral part of the quality management system of PrJSC«Ukrgrafit». Special attention is paid to work with consumers. The enterprise has an effective managers' group consisting of chief experts for particular products who maintain constant contacts and work individually with every consumer, provide consultations and implement their requirements.
The enterprise has confidently entered international markets. Many years' experience, modern technologies, high product quality, fulfilment of contractual obligations have allowed PrJSC«Ukrgrafit» to establish strong business relations with its consumers. A good name of the enterprise, proved to be a reliable partner, is well known in many CIS countries and in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Australia, Middle East and Asia.
We appreciate our partners, suppliers and consumers. We hope, that this information will be helpful to you for establishing long-term business contacts and carrying out joint projects with Private Joint-Stock Company«Ukrainsky Grafit». We are opened to all!
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