Modernization of electrode paste production at PJSC "Ukrgrafit"

           In its production activity PJSC "Ukrgrafit" is guided by satisfaction of requirements of consumers due to which within a 10-year period there was a qualitative leap both in terms of product range and  quality parameters with  special attention being paid to forecasting future demands of existing consumers taking into account their plans of technical modernisation and also demands of promising markets which our enterprise is planning to gain.

The production of Soderberg electrode paste may serve as an example of such an approach.
For the 10-year period actual production of electrode paste has increased by more than 2.5 times. The market has expanded – the electrode paste is delivered to consumers in Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Armenia, Georgia, Sweden …. Trial and trial industrial consignments of electrode paste have been tested by consumers in such countries as Poland, Slovakia, Norway and are in the process of preparation for tests in Egypt, China …
Research of the electrode paste world market has revealed some differences in raw material used, in requirements to quality parameters and also in shape and dimensions of briquettes and blocks of electrode paste at the consumers.
As it is known, under competitive conditions and especially under crisis conditions those enterprises have the advantage which are flexible in the production process, in the shortest possible time are ready to be reoriented to the production of products suited for each particular consumer, taking into account its technologies, its traditions and habits …. 
On the basis of performed research and development and annual plans of modernization of production PJSC "Ukrgrafit" is conducting a number of actions aimed at improving the manufacturing technique for the production of electrode pastes, in particular,.
Taking into account the demands of acquired and potential markets:
- monitoring system as well as automated dosing, loading, mixing  and unloading system for the electrode paste has been  introduced;
- production of large-block cylindrical electrode paste with three standard sizes started:

Parameters of blocks
 Diameter, mm
 Height, mm
Weight, kg




Cylindrical blocks are manufactured with two pairs of blind holes for a special gripping device for transportation and installations in Soderberg electrodes. At consumer's request blocks can be manufactured with a special creasable loop;
- In July 2010, a new high performance forming machine for small-briquette electrode paste with average dimensions of briquettes (105х90х70) mm and weight of ~0.7 kg has been  introduced;
- In November 2010, a new high performance forming machine  for small-briquette electrode paste with average dimensions of briquettes (75х81х60) mm and weight of ~0.32 kg was  introduced;
- Development of a roller press for forming small-briquette electrode paste with average cell dimensions  of (54х50х25) mm is coming to an end;
- The manufacturing technique for the electrode paste production based on gas calcined thermoanthracite mixture and graphitized material allows to have a highly stable properties of electrode paste of two grades (A and C grades differ by specific electrical resistance) and to manufacture electrode paste with a narrow range of variation of plastic properties, expressed by the Coefficient of flowability. The electrode paste is supplied with any coefficient of flowability required by a consumer within a range of 1.6 to 2.8 with accuracy of ±0.2 (for example 1.6±0,2). The consumers are assisted in finding optimal values of the Coefficient of flowability for the technology and equipment used;
- the manufacturing technique for the electrode paste production based on stabilized electrically calcined anthracite that required modernization of available electric calciners is being introduced;
- products are being launched and trial industrial tests of low-ash Soderberg electrode pastes based on low-ash coke are carried out at the consumers.
- products are being launched and trial industrial tests of electrode pastes based on high-temperature pitch of B grade that allows to considerably improve characteristics of electrode pastes are carried out at the consumers
- technologies of use of anthracite from various manufacturers, and also possible   launching of the manufacturing technique for electrode pastes with the use of previously commissioned continuous-action Eirich mixer intended for the production of blocks are being developed
PJSC "Ukrgrafit", having highly skilled personnel, modern equipment and high technologies is ready to provide you with any required  products.

Satisfaction of needs of consumers in Ukraine as well as abroad in high-quality products from carbon, permitting intensifying production processes, having provided profits to shareholders, decent wages to the personnel of the works as well as environment preservation.

The products from JSC “Ukrgrafit” should prevail at metallurgical plants of Ukraine. The works is a leader among manufacturers of the CIS in respect of quality and satisfaction of consumers' needs in carbon lining materials for aluminium industry and ferrous metallurgy in the CIS countries.

1. Personnel and stable partners.
2. Regular innovations.
3. Traditions and experience of generations of Ukrainian electrode manufacturers.
4. Positive image of the works and its employees, stable public and international relations.

Only together we shall succeed! ®

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