Structural products

Carbon-based structural products
Due to a unique set of physical and chemical properties carbon-based materials find wide application as structural products in metallurgical, machine-building, petrochemical and other industries.

 PJSC «Ukrgrafit» manufactures various products as per customer’s drawings, commercially produced grades of carbon materials as well as special grades, such as crucibles, pipes, rods, heaters, caps for thermocouples, plates etc. The products can be used when melting precious metals, casting samples out of metal, glass etc. 

The products have high resistance to aggressive media and also to various temperature and physical loads.

Experts of the plant will select the required grade of material on the basis of the requirements and operating conditins of products

Dimensions of products


     Diameter or size, mm Maximum length, mm
Synthetic graphite 88 – 742 1550 – 2480
160x350 – 440x440 1000 – 2280
Carbon material 437x437 – 580x570 3360
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